frequently asked questions


1. Do you take  trailers  on consignment?

We do, if you are interested, give us a call and we can go over details and talk about what you  have to sell.

2. Can I drop a trailer off after hours? Do I need an appointment?

Of course, just leave it in the  middle of the lot and make sure to give us a call the  next day to  let us know which trailer is yours and what you  need done. If there are any keys we may need, there is a drop box by the office door. You will need an appointment if you need it the same day or next day.

3. How often should the wheel  bearings  be checked and repacked?

Axle manufacturers recommend getting them checked and repacked every 10,000 miles or every year or two. Trailers you submerge in water, such as boat or jet ski trailers, we  recommend getting it done every fall  before you put it into storage. This way you make sure there is no moisture inside the hub over winter and so it is ready to go in the spring.

4. Should the trailer light connection  be unplugged when submerging and  boat or jet ski trailer?

On trailers with LED  lights it's not important, however, on trailers with  lights that contain bulbs you must or the hot bulb in cold water might blow the bulb.

5. Do you winterize  campers or living quarter horse trailers?

Yes! With an appointment we can get you in and out same day.

6. Do you work on trailer brakes?

Yes, we work on electric, electric over hydraulic, and surge  brakes.

7. Do you sell parts to do the brakes myself?

We do, we also recommend that if you are working on them yourself, that you get the drums turned (resurfaced) for maximum efficiency out of your new brake  parts. We do offer that service on site if needed.

8. How quickly can I get replacement  parts or lights for my trailer?

We stock quite a few parts in our store, but if we don't have exactly what you  need, we can often get it here in a couple days to a week out.  If needed sometimes sooner with freight.

9. Do you have replacement axles for trailers?

We stock some of the more common sizes in 3500# & 7000# spring axles, drop beam and straight beam. For larger capacity spring  axles and for all torsion  axles we can order them.

10. How often should the torque on trailer lug nuts be checked?

Any time a wheel is removed for service or if it's a new trailer you should check them after 50 miles, 100 miles, 250 miles, then every 500-1000 miles after that.